Send Verified Emails in Simple Steps

Why should I use Verimates™?

To guarantee recipients that you are real and that you have been verified as a human and not a bot!

How shall I unsubscribe from Verimates™?

By requesting us by email.

Is it necessary to provide my passport details and proof of address?

Our system is to confirm that your ID has been verified and that you are a real person. Without these details we cannot do so and you cannot use our system.

How safe is my data?

All of your data is anonymously stored on Amazon Cloud.

What if someone else verifies his or her email account with my data?

Impossible as you still have to pass our liveness test – a selfie with your passport or ID held by you next to your face!

Does Verimates™ have access to my uploaded address book?

No. Your address book is your property and stored on a partition of the Amazon cloud under your exclusively control. Whereas you can use our system to automatically send a message to your entire address book letting them know about our system, unless they reply to said mail we do not engage with them and have no means of doing so!

How do I verify my mail address?

By sending us a proof of address such as a utility bill or bank statement dating from not less than 3 months.

Does Verimates™ keep a copy of my emails?

NO. Your sent mails are automatically purged from our system as soon as you press on send. Our system sends you a copy of what you sent for your record and once executed all records are expunged.